PET Imaging Consumeable

PET Imaging Consumeable
PET Imaging Consumeable
Jun 01, 2021

Positron emission tomography (PET) uses small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals, a special camera and a computer to evaluate organ and tissue functions. By identifying changes at the cellular level, PET may detect the early onset of disease before other imaging tests can.

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The Rotem Industries Medical Imaging division is a world leader in consumables for PET imaging. Rotem develops, manufactures and supplies complete packages for radiotracer production: oxygen-18 enriched water , plastic cassettes, precursors and full reagent kits for a range of synthesis modules. Serving customers through a worldwide distribution network, Rotem excels in uncompromising product quality coupled with a deep understanding of customer’s needs, in order to ensure uniformly high production yields and unsurpassed quality. The passion for quality is driven by a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who recognize the critical role their products play in the PET radiotracer production chain. Rotem is highly active in the design and production of consumables for novel radiotracers under development. These projects benefit from our interdisciplinary expertise and direct market access, the result of years of direct, daily and close cooperation with radiopharmacies worldwide.

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