Thermo Scientific AcroMetrix Solutions

Thermo Scientific AcroMetrix Solutions
Molecular Quality Control
Sep 19, 2021

Thermo Scientific™ AcroMetrix™ quality controls assist in the implementation and monitoring of assays for clinical and research laboratories, blood centers, and IVD manufacturers. Our product offering includes products for oncology, transplant and infectious disease testing, blood screening solutions, and development of custom QC solutions to meet your individual needs.

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Why choose AcroMetrix Controls?

  1. Consistent lot-to-lot performance: Minimize testing variability and time spent qualifying cross-over studies as each lot is traceable to the first lot manufactured.
  2. Controls that mimic original human sample: AcroMetrix Controls mimic human samples. AcroMetrix controls utilize whole virus and bacteria, testing both extraction and amplification workflows.
  3. cGMP documentation for your next audit: A Certificate of Analysis is available with each production lot, to ease the process of passing your next laboratory audit.
  4. Multi-analyte controls to maximize efficiency: Monitor multiple analytes in your multiplexed assays simultaneously using pooled multi-marker controls. The bulk format of the multi-analyte controls allow for cost-effective QC. Our controls are also available in single-analyte configurations.

Facilitate the accuracy and integrity of laboratory test results with AcroMetrix molecular standards and quality controls, services and online tools. From initial method validation and verification to recurring regular QC monitoring and calibration verification - we support laboratories, blood screening centers, IVD manufacturers, and proficiency survey providers engaged in molecular and serological technologies for both clinical diagnostics and research applications.

Our wide range of custom and catalog solutions are focused on the goal of standardizing and simplifying controls used in molecular testing:

  1. Establishing the traceability of results
  2. Providing controls that mimic the original sample and ensure consistent, accurate, and meaningful test results


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