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  • An experienced and competent management with decades of hands-on industry knowledge.
  • Focused business development direction based on existing Brand Owners' portfolios so that strong domain knowledge is built.
  • Good understanding and comprehensive coverage of the business needs of both Brand Owners and Customers.
  • Presence and networks in South-East Asia. With Singapore as its home base, SAGE’s expansion would be in tandem with its Brand Owners’ market plans and coverage in the region. SAGE Healthcare Thailand Co., Ltd has been established and team is ready to take on the Thailand market. SAGE Indonesia and SAGE Brunei are underway.
  • Certified as GOOD DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE for MEDICAL DEVICES (GDPMDS) by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority
  • Certified Cold Chain facilities from minus 20 Celsius Degree, 2 to 8 Celsius Degree and Air-conditioned /Ambient.
  • Utilises an Amazon cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) called ORDER MANAGEMENT and INVENTORY (OMI) solution for backroom processes. It is a multi-user concurrent access platform which is scalable to business growth. Integration with Brand Owners’ ERP systems is possible to provide a seamless flow of information.
  • 24/7 security and alarm system in SAGE office and warehouse